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Super Hero
Super Hero

My daughter has superpowers. She can write tens of poems, multiple book chapters, and movie scripts in a matter of hours. She can organize an entire house while making sure it is left spotless at the same time.

She can train employees, learn new software, and revamp processes to turn around an underperforming apartment complex in just a few months. When she is manic, she can tap into a level of productivity that we typically only see in movies and on TV.

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Photo Cred: Katarzyna Bialasiewicz
Photo Cred: Katarzyna Bialasiewicz

My Daughter Has Superpowers

The man across the aisle had his earbuds in. The lady in the adjacent row was watching an inflight movie. On my row, one man was asleep, and another was reading the airline magazine from the seat-back pocket. If everything was fine, why was my heart beating so fast? Why did I feel like I could not breathe? I grabbed my water bottle, took a huge sip of water, and nearly choked. What on earth was going on?

It took a few minutes to realize that I was having a panic attack. I couldn’t recall ever having this feeling before. There had been moments in the past when I...Continue reading on Medium...

Panic Attack at 20,000 Feet

Managing through Manic Episodes

Photo Cred: Martin Malchev

I was sound asleep at an altitude of approximately 20,000 feet in the sky on a flight from Greenville, SC to Dallas, TX. Like clockwork, as soon as the doors of the airplane closed, I settled in and nodded off to a deep sleep.

Suddenly, I was awakened by my heart pounding as though it would beat right out of my chest. I looked around to see if the plane was falling out of the sky or if we had hit turbulence, but there was nothing.

Tips to Manage & Prevent Future Attacks

Photo Cred: Katarzyna Bialasiewicz

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